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Curricular Connections:
According to the USGS, students can learn about the following through geocaching:
Geography--coordinate systems (latitude and longitude, and other coordinate systems such as UTM and state plane), maps, and become familiar with the school grounds, local area, or region.
Mathematics—angles, distances, triangulation, and direction.
Field Work—How to work in the field and collect meaningful data.
REALLY, that's just the beginning though!

These are some helpful resources on geocaching:
GPS & GeoCaching in Education (great resource!)
Lesson Plans from North Carolina
USGS lesson plans on GPS, Map, and Compass skills. is the website to get information about nearby caches.
Dr. Christie's GPS and Geocaching Guide for Educators
GPS, Geocaching, and Geography with Elementary Students (blog)
pageocaching list of resources from PAECT

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Geocaching apps for smart phones:

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